Petroval Bunker International B.V ('PBI') was incorporated in the Netherlands on 29 November 2005. The company was formed as part of the restructuring of the Pan European terminals Group. Headed by the Geneva-based oil trader Petroval SA. The company begun in 2009 to provide bunkering services predominantly in Netherlands, PBI has grown from purchasing its own marine fuel cargo for local deliveries to global bunker trading. We work with an array of physical suppliers and barging operators, as well as manage our pricing portfolios, in order to provide quality bunker fuel at competitive prices for our clients. The company PBI, has established long term agreement with Royal Vopak and operates tanks at Rijndwarsweg, Europoort Tank Terminal an independent oil products terminal in Rotterdam owned and financed by Summa Kapital (Summa Group).

The core services offered at Rotterdam are:

  • + Oil products handling (loading and unloading)
  • + Oil products storage
  • + Heating, Blending and additives
  • + Bunker supply services

Fuel oil and aviation fuel handling is the main area of specialisation at Europoort and Boltek, Rotterdam. In addition, PBI handles other oil products, including vacuum gas oil (VGO), jet fuel, Virgin D6 etc.

Heavy fuel oil, which is a highly viscous cargo that solidifies at room temperature, requires railway delivery, as well as specialised handling and heating equipment, including insulated tanks and pipelines to liquefy fuel oil. 
ETT unloads oil products from rail cars, through pipelines and vessels and loads oil products onto vessels at its quays. ETT has the terminal capability to accept VLCC tankers with a deadweight size of up to 300,000 metric tonnes.

PBI has a combined storage capacity of approximately 620 thousand cbm (as at 31 December 2015), comprising 29 tanks, of which 221 thousand cbm is heated and can be used to store dark oil products and 399 thousand cbm can be used to store light oil products. The terminals provide segregated storage of different types of light and dark oil products, which allows for blending to create custom products required by customers.

The terminal infrastructure includes 36 advanced unloading positions, with capacity to unload over 25,000 metric tonnes per day in the winter season and over 60,000 metric tonnes per day in the summer season.

To facilitate greater throughput at its terminals, PBI provides agency services for vessel, provided by Ship owners transporting cargo from the baltic sea to Europoort terminal.

As a holistic approach to provide a cost effective solution, PBI also offers a suite of risk management instruments to help manage our clients’ costs. Apart from supplying marine fuel and lubricants, we adept in providing agency services for vessels calling at any port, worldwide.


As of December 22, 2010, Petroval Bunker International B.V B.V. operates as a subsidiary of Baltic Oil Terminals plc. As part of PBI’ expansion measures, we have recently set up our first representative office in Latvia in 1st Quarter of 2016. "By acquiring Petroval, the company PBI will gain access to an important new market, with opportunities to trade and trans-ship significant volumes of oil product out of a major global shipping hub. The addition of PBI to the group's existing operations will also provide an additional immediate source of free cashflow for the group, estimated to be approximately US$0.5 million per month," Baltic said earlier this month.

We know it’s a highly competitive marketplace out there. That’s why we work hand in hand with you to offer high quality services at the most competitive rates.

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Bunkering and oil products storage in the Baltic and Netherlands

By acquiring PBI, Baltic Oil Terminals will gain access to an important new market, with opportunities to trade and trans-ship significant volumes of oil product out of a major global shipping hub. It is common knowledge that Netherlands is reputed as one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, with close to 43 million metric tons in sales volume for bunker deliveries in port alone in 2015. Born and based in Netherlands, PBI is well positioned to handle your bunker requirements when it comes to the Port of Netherlands, or even outside port limits (OPL) of Netherlands.

Fuel Oil Storage capacity of 120 000 cbm or more.